Topaz Series

The main difference of SHS Topaz Series Hinges is that they all are beveled (have round edges) to provide smoother look to your bathroom.

SHS Topaz Series Hinges are made of TOP-quality solid brass metal and secure the glass door safely and quietly at the same time. These hinges are heavy-duty and will last for a long time, therefore we provide 3 year warranty for all our products.
Different finishes are available: from shiny Chrome to modern Matt Black.
SHS Topaz Series Hinges are designed for 3/8” to 1/2” Tempered Glass Shower Doors and there are different kinds in stock: 135 degree Glass-to-Glass, 180 degree glass-to-Glass, H-back plate and Offset hinges.

SHS Topaz Series Glass-to-Glass Hinges: all hinges of this series are SELF-CENTERING. They have self-centering mechanism, that functions when the shower door is in the range of 15 degrees of the closed position.
SHS Topaz Series H-Backplate Hinges: allow closer-to-wall application and create a different look from design standpoint.
SHS Offset Back Plate Hinges: provide more open access to the opening, and provide clean and modern look to your bathroom.
All SHS Hinges come with Gaskets, Stainless Steel Mountain Screws. The Installation is quick and easy.

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