Shower Hinges

SHS provides a wide range of Shower Hinges. We are able to satisfy Your design choice because we have hinges in various sizes and finishes available. From shiny Chrome to strict and modest Matt Black. With beveled or square corners.
Our Hinges are made of Top-Quality Solid Brass material that will last You for a very long time.
We are very confident in quality of our Hinges, therefore we give a 3-year warranty for them.
SHS Hinges are Self-Centering and Self-closing with the angle radius 25-15 degree and they fit Tempered Glass from 3/8” to 1/2”.
There are different kinds of Hinges available, such as: Short-Back Plate (DMD91S, SPH91S), Full-Back Plate (DMD90S, SPH90S), H-Back Plate (EMR90B, TPZ90B), 135” Glass-to-Glass (DMD135S, SPH135S, TPZ135B), 180 Glass-to-Glass (DMD180S, SPH180S, TPZ180B), We also have Offset Hinges (DMD045S, SPH045S, TPZ045B), Adjustable Wall Mount Hinges (SPH90SA), and also our Pivot Series Hinges (RBY20B, SRBY20B, GRT20S, SGRT20S).
Feel free to browse our products and find Hinges that fit Your Dream Design Project.

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