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SHS Frameless Hardware products are of Support Highest Quality Standards. We use the best materials in order to make sure that they will last you for a long time to enjoy. We are very confident in materials that we use that’s why we provide 2-Year Warranty for Shower Door Hinges and 1-Year Warranty for the majority of other products.

SHS carries great variety of Hardware Products of different configuration and with different finishes to satisfy our customers’ needs and brave designer ideas.
SHS Shower Hinges are Self-Centering and Self-closing with the angle radius 25-15 degree and they fit Tempered Glass from 3/8” to 1/2”.

There are different kinds of Hinges available, such as: Short-Back Plate (DMD91S, SPH91S), Full-Back Plate (DMD90S, SPH90S), H-Back Plate (EMR90B, TPZ90B), 135” Glass-to-Glass (DMD135S, SPH135S, TPZ135B), 180 Glass-to-Glass (DMD180S, SPH180S, TPZ180B), We also have Offset Hinges (DMD045S, SPH045S, TPZ045B), Adjustable Wall Mount Hinges (SPH90SA), and also our Pivot Series Hinges (RBY20B, SRBY20B, GRT20S, SGRT20S).

SHS has also different kinds of GLASS CLAMPS available: Hole-in-Glass Style Clamps (beveled BWFC2, square SWFC2), 180 Degree Glass-to-Glass Movable Clamps (square SGMC180, beveled BGMC180), Wall Mount Movable Clamps (square SWMC2, beveled BWMC2), “Sleeve Over” Glass Clamps (135 Degree SSOC135, 90 Degree SSOC90), Adjustable “Sleeve Over” Glass Clamps (SSOC91), and also SHS DIAMOND Series Wall Mount Brackets (DMDSC90) in various finishes.
All our clamps come with mountain screws and gaskets.

Please feel Free to Browse Our Shower Hardware Section to find and match the Hinges, Clamps, U-channels, Luxury Sliding Door Systems that You are looking for. You will be pleasantly surprised with affordable prices and product selection.

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