Ruby Series

SHS Ruby Series Pivot Hinges are different from Garnet Series Pivot Hinges because they all are beveled (have round corners).
SHS Pivot Hinges for Shower Doors are usually placed at the top and bottom to provide the swing of 180 degree. These hinges are usually used in stand-alone showers, as well as in medium and large size bathrooms. The main advantage of Pivot hinges is that they carry the majority of the weight on the bottom. They can be inset from the wall, that would create the clearance for towel bars or other design objects.
The weight and the size of the door will determine which SHS pivot hinge should be used. We have regular size Pivot Hinges (RBY20B, GRT20S) which are used with 3/8″ thick tempered safety glass. And also we have Senior size Pivot hinges (SRBY20B, SGRT20S) which are used with 1/2″ (12 mm) thick tempered safety glass as well as with 3/8″ thick tempered safety glass.
Since SHS Pivot hinges have no moving parts, doors can be opened and closed noiselessly. These hinges don’t require much time for installation and provide your bathroom with modern and clean look.

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