Emerald Series

SHS Emerald Series Hinges are very similar to our Diamond Series Hinges. Because they are smaller in size and help to create open-glass space, the shower door looks invisible, because hinges are hardly noticed, they are not as noticeable and eye-catching as hinges of other SHS Series.

The main difference is that SHS Emerald Series Hinges are beveled (have round edges), vs SHS Diamond Series Hinges that are straight (have straight corners).

SHS Emerald Series Hinges are made of Top-Quality Solid Brass metal. Therefore they are very strong and will last you for many years. Different finishes are available to satisfy any design choice.

ALL hinges of Emerald Series are self-centering and self-closing when the angle reaches 15 degrees and fit tempered glass from 3/8” to 1/2”. They have a Reversible 5 Degree Pivot Pin for achieving desired Angle Installation.
These hinges are designed for hotel, or residential use.
The Installation is quick and easy and doesn’t require much time and effort.

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